Spring out the dormancy

As I walked around our yard this morning, drinking my daily cup of inspiring latte, I noticed the signs of spring…

a dove sitting in it’s nest, protecting it’s unborn,

new buds forming on perennials, soon to be full leaves…

the grass showing signs of life as it’s color morphs to green,

the onions and garlic that I put in the ground in the fall are about 8 inches tall.

All these signs have a way of making me think about my own dormancy, of what I’ve put away and protected until the “climate” was right again. These little pieces of ME that get tucked away. Whether it’s an idea, an emotion, a passion, a desire.. it’s all a part of me and who I really am. A part of my essence that I’ve “put away for winter”. Sometimes our “winter” actually lasts a number of years!!! We put things we love or like to do aside for whatever reason justifies it at the time. Sometimes our passions get buried in our day to day living because society moves at a very fast , constantly changing pace and it’s easy to get caught up in it., or new things pop into our lives that capture our interest and our time.

Years ago I had a shop that I used mainly for remodeling projects around my home. When I moved, I didn’t have the space to have another shop, so my tools sat. Actually looking back, I realize that if I had REALLY wanted my shop again, I would’ve made it happen. I would’ve found a way. But my path led me to other fun things in life like kayaking and learning all about my spiritual/metaphysical passions. It was new and I was immersed!

My move to Colorado gave me the opportunity once again to have a workshop! My desire for woodworking has come out of dormancy, and I love the thought of creating new projects! It’s like a piece of my creativity laid dormant and now I get to play with it and see what I am capable of creating with wood.

My challenge is to maintain a balance with all of my “pieces” so I don’t feel the need to have any of them go dormant.

Spring is a great time to pause, reflect, tune in to our emotions, and decide if it’s time to allow pieces of our essence to resurface…. is there something within you pushing to the surface, wanting to breathe the fresh air? Decide to let it out, and trust that there will be time, there will be a place, and that that the universe will provide the “room” in your life for whatever it is you desire.

Happy Spring!

Opening a door

Isn’t it amazing how lack of knowledge, or the energy to pursue it can leave us in a “stuck” position for years.  When I created my first website, I was excited with the challenge of putting it all together, getting different pages, learning html code to correct some of the problems I had with the layout.  Months later, when I went to update it, I completely forgot what I had to do.  Years later, I am only NOW sitting in a website development retreat taught by Michele Bergh.  It really took me all these years… years of building up the courage to say “I don’t know what to do and I need help”.  Within the last few weeks I’ve also come to realize another “block” that I’ve had.  Since I’ve retired, I’ve said that my work doing medium readings and reiki sessions were “supplementing” my retirement income.  DUH!!! That is exactly what I got.. it supplemented and never exceeded! SOOOO I came to the conclusion that I really needed to remove that block and change my vocabulary.  I am ready to grow, to expand, to allow my gifts to grow,  and to allow my retirement to be a supplement to my life!!!